Examples of our projects

We are proud of our remarkable achievements in the field of aerial photography. We have successfully executed projects and achieved excellent results by providing high-resolution images and reliable geospatial data. By offering innovative solutions and utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we enhance our clients’ ability to make strategic decisions based on accurate and reliable information

Precision agriculture project

This leading project in precision agriculture was carried out in collaboration with the Technical Center of Potato and Artichoke. The objective was to monitor the development of potatoes for the validation of protocols applied on plots where various approaches are applied in terms of pesticides, interplant, interrow and depth in order to draw valid theory based on UAV imagery and artificial intelligence.

ref: Contribution of UAV-airborne imagery in the study of machine-soil-plant interaction in potato cultivation (2002). Khaoula Abrougui, Ridha Guebsi, Aymen Ouni, Nour El Houda Boughattas, Fatma Habel, Yassine Barkaoui, Roua Amami, Chiheb Khemis, Bessem Abdou, Sayed Chehaibi, Shawn Kefauver.

Project for monitoring Posidonia

Under the Tunisian-Italian project: Sustainable economy methodologies for usable coastal waste from beaches, the UAV is up to provide uneven data for Posidonia monitoring where a qualitative and quantitative study is conducted and based on artificial intelligence serving for a very promising approach for an ecological beach and good waste management.

Ref: Marine litter coastal pollution: Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) using machine learning techniques supply approach for Posidonia debris and macro plastic beaches assessment (2023). Nourddine Zaaboub, Ridha Guebsi, Monia Elbour.


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