A multidisciplinary team

Our team is composed of passionate and dedicated experts who work together to provide innovative and quality solutions to our clients. We have assembled a diverse team of qualified professionals, each bringing unique expertise in their field.

Dr. Ridha Guebsi

Dr. Chayma Chaabani

Dr. Sonia Mami

Founder (CEO)

  • PhD Ing. Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Remote sensing and GIS expert with 20 years of experience in aerial photography by aircraft and drone.
  • Instructor in HTOL/VTOL drone remote piloting
  • Instructor in PVA aircraft and drone
  • International trainer in Data Processing


  • PhD in Remote Sensing and ICT
  • 8 years of experience in remote sensing and InSAR
  • Expert in artificial intelligence
  • Expert in hazard mapping
  • Trainer in radar imagery

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